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Hi, I’m Jenny. If you were to come across me on the street, at a party, or perhaps at my kids’ school fair, you might notice something unusual about my face.

Why this blog and what’s it really about? It’s about you and me, and the fact that we are all Born Whole


A challenging book that suggests democratization can help to prevent violent conflict in divided societies.

“This book is recommended to both students of Balkan studies and international lawyers interested in learning more about an often neglected part of contemporary Europe…”

– International Peacekeeping Journal

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Last week Changing Faces released its much-anticipated report, Disfigurement in the UK, based on a nationwide survey conducted between November 2016 and February 2017. The report makes for unsettling – yet necessary – reading. For despite British society’s claim to fairness and equality, the report shows that when it comes to society’s treatment of, and attitudes towards, people with disfigurement, fairness and equality are severely lacking.